AAA IWC Replica Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Edition ‘Mojave Desert’ Reviewing

IWC replica watches US has introduced a new set of watches that join the pilot’s Watch TOP GUN series-a subset of the pilot series that is influenced by the US Navy Strike Fighter Tactical Instructor Program. Including IWC Pilot Chronograph TOP GUN Mojave Desert Edition, this is a color style you will not often see, and is the leader of IWC pilot replica watches.

Replica Pilot’s TOP GUN Edition ‘Mojave Desert’ Watch

Ceramics have become more and more popular as clock materials and have been widely regarded as the added value of clocks. We usually see ceramics used for frame inserts because it is not easy to produce and color. IWC replica watches cooks a mixture of metal oxides to achieve a unique sand-like hue, or operates like metal. The size of this top replica watch is 44.5mm x 15.7mm, water resistance is only 60 meters, the case is made of sand-colored ceramic, the lens is made of sapphire, both sides are coated with antireflection coating, and the movement uses Calibre 69380 (automatic, with guide post) Wheel), frequency 4Hz, power reserve: 46 hours.

IWC replica made the sand-colored ceramic case for this watch for the first time, inspired by the Mojave Desert, the largest land area owned by the US Navy. Considering its other features, it is a relatively affordable option for those looking for a solid ceramic case from one of the major brands.

Overall, I don’t know the practicality of this color scheme as a best replica pilot watch, but it is definitely unique and interesting. If the watch does find the navy pilot’s wrist, I think it will get lost in the already tan uniform sleeve of the navy pilot mentioned above. So for actual flight purposes? Maybe not, at least not more than the other models in the collection. However, you can bet that this is great for managers who keep kicking themselves without getting a pilot’s license – it really marks an increase in the success of the pilot collection, right?