Hands-On:Top IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire Edition ‘The Longest Flight’ Replica Watch

The IWC pilot’s “Longest Flight” version of the Time Zone Spitfire Spitfire can trim the 2016 time zone chronograph. Wearable travel US top replica watches are quite appetizing, it is an interesting halfway point, can reduce the existing time zone top replica watch chronograph, and may prove plans for the future through a low-volume limited edition.

Replica Timezoner Spitfire Edition ‘The Longest Flight’

The joy of IWC Timezoner replica watches is its ease of use. By rotating the ceramic frame in either direction, you can move the city to 12 o’clock to set the time. It is absolutely convenient and fun to use, but in terms of all its features, you cannot track two time zones because the 24-hour aperture is closely related to the local city. Timezoner’s possible defense is that its universal time bezel allows the wearer to easily jump to an unfamiliar time zone with just one rotation, until the current position is just above the base triangle at 12:00. The function is more like an AM/PM indicator for the current area, rather than a local time indicator. “

This Timezoner was inspired by the interior of the Silver Spitfire aircraft rather than the exterior, with a matte black dial and a new movement. I am very happy that IWC replica watches US decided not to use the bright silver dial to make its new Spitfire parts, because frankly, the only reason for this is because it used to be a Spitfire version. The elegant matte black dial (seen in the “time zone”) and green dial looks better than previous Spitfire iterations and is more consistent with the needs of today’s buyers.

The “new” movement used in the luxury replica watch is Calibre 82760. All movements have a Pellaton automatic winding system and ceramics are used in multiple areas of the movement. This keeps the movement from wearing too much, thus achieving long-term accuracy and reducing long-term maintenance. The movement runs at a speed of 28,800 vph and has a power reserve of 60 hours.